Sinus Lift

Do you wish to have implants in the upper jaw but your jaw bone is not stable enough for this type of denture?  There’s no reason for you to give up beautiful teeth.

Smileforever has over 25 years of experience in the field of oral surgery and supplies you with a sinus lift so that you have every reason to smile again. 

What is a sinus lift?

A sinus lift is a particular method of bone augmentation. The sinus ground is a bony structure and retains the teeth in the upper jaw which separates the big air-filled sinus cavity from the oral cavity. The loss of one or more teeth is often responsible for a thinning of the sinus ground.

Some problems may occur, if tooth replacement should be done with implants in this area.  If the bone mass is too thin, there is a danger that the implants extent into the maxillary sinus instead of being anchored in the bone. Those who do not want to give up fixed dentures can decide to do a bone augmentation with a sinus lift.

What is the process of a sinus lift?

Through an operative intervention a connection is established between the oral cavity and the air-filled sinus cavity. The cavity is filled either with autogenously bone mass or body-like bone replacement material (Bio-Oss). With this substance in the form of granulate a structure is given to the body and based on this, a new bone substance is formed to fill the cavity with own sustainable bones. In order to prevent that rapidly growing soft tissue grows into the bone defect – the place where a new bone should be formed - a membrane is fixed as a separate layer. Consequently the human body can integrate the bone augmentation; this means a regular circulation takes place again.

If you wish you can also „sleep through” the sinus lift. Let us advice you about our possibilities to perform the treatment with sedation or under general anesthesia. 



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