Do you wish a complete natural smile of high value with beautiful and natural looking teeth? Would you like to have stable and strong teeth back that look natural and healthy? Do you also want fixed dentures? With smileforever you are at the right place! We are glad to help you!  

Implants – perfect dental restoration

Implants are an excellent replacement if individual teeth have been lost. The grinding of healthy neighboring teeth is no longer necessary e.g. in creating a dental bridge. Moreover the inner pressure of the bone exerted through implants stops the bone atrophy of the jaw. This guarantees the maintenance of the bony structures for necessary support of lips and cheeks. In case of a total loss of teeth we offer the only possibility for fixed dentures. Removable and wobbling prosthesis are things of the past.

Implants have been used with great success for the replacement of lost teeth for over 40 years.

Our experiences with implants

In the field of dentistry we have successfully placed hundreds of implants per year since 1993. First we have started in Cape Town and then we have continued our success in Munich since 1997. We use both titanium implants and ceramic implants. We are able to plan and implement perfectly the aesthetic final result because we do not only place implants but also do the insertion of the dental replacement.

Due to improved and further developed treatment methods in recent years, the placing of implants has become more pleasant and more comfortable for our patients.

In order to guarantee you a pleasant and painless implantation we work with the latest high-quality devices and materials as well as with precise planning and navigation programs. 

Latest technology for your implants 

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With the aid of our highly modern digital volume tomograph – a 3D x-ray machine that has 90% less radiation exposure as a conventional x-ray machine- we are able to take three-dimensional images of your jaw bone in order to guarantee a safe and gentle implantation.


With the use of a 3D planning program, digital data are processed and implants are placed on a position where they guarantee a functional and aesthetic high-quality care.  


By using a template which has been produced individually to meet your requirements, the implants are placed in the right position. This means safety at the highest level both for you and for us and leads to long-term success.


After a healing phase, implants are restored with aesthetically appealing dentures which have been made individually for you. 


If you wish you can also „sleep through” the treatment of implantation. Let us advice you about our possibilities to perform the treatment with sedation or under general anesthesia.


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