Dental-Volume tomograph and 3-D- shooting mode

Imaging methods are of enormous importance in the field of digital dentistry. The more detailed a picture, the better diseases can be diagnosed in tooth, jaw, bone and misalignments. An exact diagnosis is especially advantageous for the creation of a treatment plan and the predictability of treatment results. With the latest technology of the dental volume tomograph we are able to do a three-dimensional x-ray image of your jaw.   They allow us a very thorough analysis of bone structures, tooth orientation, course of nerve channels, and limitation of the maxillary sinus and bone walls. With the aid of these pictures we can guarantee an optimal medical care with implants or we can gain deeper insights into the structure of the jaw with regard to orthodontic treatments. If you have pain in the temporomandibular joint,  an accurate diagnosis can be performed with the aid of images of the dental volume tomograph because precise images are possible with your mouth open. 

3-D- shooting mode

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3-D- photographs offer enormous additional information due to the latest technology pictures as it is possible from almost every prospective and from every angle. Only ten seconds are needed to take a picture. The exposure of radiation is a quarter of a conventionally CT scan and is approximately equal to a transatlantic flight at a height of 10.000 meters.

Advantages of treatments 

  • Oral surgery: optimal recognition and protection of sensitive anatomical structures (e.g. nerves).
  • Implantology: optimal planning by presentation of bone width, nerves, limitation of the maxillary sinus. These factors can often be superimposed and not clearly recognizable in the traditional overview scan. Creation of drilling templates.
  • Periodontology: exact assessment of the periodontal situation, periodontal pockets, furcation (= bone loss between dental roots with several roots)   
  • Orthodontics: 3-D assessment of skeletal circumstances. Endodontics (root canal treatment): anatomy of root canals, recognition of covered channels, difficult channel morphology.


The shooting technology is very gentle and shows a lower radiation exposure for patients in contrast to conventional computer tomography. 



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