Dental treatment with sedation

Do you feel unwell when you think about your next visit to the dentist? Or do you simply not have the time to make several appointments to get a perfect and beautiful smile?


Smileforever offers you the possibility to carry out operations with sedation – a time-saving and anxiety-free alternative to operations that are performed under local anesthesia. Smileforever is your expert for dental treatments in twilight sleep with your own anesthesiologist. We supervise the function of your heart and the circulatory system during the treatment and we ensure you a procedure without any complication.

What’s sedation?

Sedation is a form of twilight sleep where the patient gets sedatives and sleeping pills. The administration of analgesics prevents sensation of pain.

Difference between sedation and general anesthesia

Unlike general anesthesia the patient remains conscious, responsive at all times and can breathe on his own during sedation. Due to the administration of medication you will be in twilight sleep and you won’t experience the treatment whilst fully conscious.

Your benefits

A dental treatment with sedation offers numerous advantages. The twilight sleep does not only prevent undesirable fear reactions but several treatments can be carried out in just one session- you benefit from enormous time savings. 


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