Dental treatment under general anesthesia

It doesn’t matter if you are highly claustrophobic, suffer from dental fear, have a distinct gag reflex or if you just wish an optimal time management. A dental treatment under general anesthesia offers you many benefits. Smileforever is specialized in treatments under general anesthesia and has many years of experience in this field as it was one of the first dental offices in Germany.

Latest methods

In order to guarantee you an overall successful dental treatment under general anesthesia we work only with the latest methods. To carry out anesthesia we use solely the latest anesthetics. They are very well tolerated and quickly excreted by the human body after the treatment. The entire procedure of anesthesia and the corresponding vital function is controlled by our anesthesiologist Dr. Rachfahl, using the latest computer technology. Moreover the complaints are weakened during a treatment under anesthesia and the healing process happens faster.

Everything from one experienced hand

For patients who are limited in time, a treatment under general anesthesia provides the option to carry out an extensive refurbishment in a quickly and sustainable way. The private dental office is specialized in performing treatments in less and intensive treatment steps. Dr. Desmyttère and his team of expert offer the entire spectrum of dental measures – from oral surgical operations to orthodontic treatment.  Thus the patient saves a lot of time so visit other physicians. It doesn’t matter, if it is a surgical intervention such as the painless removal of wisdom teeth, placing implants, building up missing jaw bone, reconstructing the maxillary sinus or microsurgical measures such as coverage of exposed tooth necks and bone reconstruction in case of severe periodontitis. But also all other dental measures such as veneers, dental crowns, inlays, onlays or root canal treatments with laser and microscope are offered by Dr. Martin Desmyttère and his team. If you go to his dental office you will be in good hands in any case and your fear of the dentist has no chance. 



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