Bone Augmentation

Would you like to have implants but you are concerned that your bones have formed back?   

We will help you! Smileforever has many years of experience in the fields of implantology and oral surgery and is the right contact person for bone augmentation.

Why is bone augmentation necessary?

When inserting the implants in the jaw bone, it is necessary that the jaw bone has sufficient height and thickness so that the implants are absorbed well. For long-lasting implants this is one of the main guarantors besides a professional implantation.

Before the implants are placed a bone augmentation of the upper and lower jaw is often the first measure that is taken, because jaw bones form back as a result of the loss of teeth or due to inflammations but also during one’s life jaw bones lose their volume and stability due to diseases, accidents or bruxism.

Different options for bone augmentation

The augmentation of the jaw bone can be treated with autogenously bones or very body-like bone replacement material (Bio-Oss). Autogenously bones are extracted right next to the treated area or the region near the wisdom teeth. Bone replacement material may consist of organic or inorganic material which is very well tolerated by the human body. With this substance in the form of granulate a structure is given to the body and based on this a new bone substance is formed. In order to prevent that rapidly growing soft tissue grows into the bone defect (place where a new bone should be formed), a membrane is fixed as a separate layer. Consequently the human body can integrate the bone augmentation; this means a regular circulation takes place again.

If you wish you can also „sleep through” the bone augmentation. Let us advice you about our possibilities to perform the treatment with sedation or under general anesthesia. 



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