Dental treatment under anesthesia

Only a few people have entirely positive connotations when they think about visiting a dentist. While the majority of people feel unwell when they have to go and see dentist, some few people truly get panic reaction. It doesn’t matter if you suffer from dental fear or not, in, many cases it is more pleasant to undergo a dental treatment whilst you are not fully conscious.  


Also for employed people with a full schedule, treatments with sedation, under general anesthesia are advantageous. Thus during one session different interventions can be combined which normally require several appointments.


Smileforever offers its patients a wide range of possibilities with regard to this issue. If you wish you can “sleep through” your treatment with sedation or under general anesthesia or you can be put in a limbo state and you awake up more rested after the dental treatment is finished.


It doesn’t matter which method you choose, you will be in the hands of experts. Our anesthesiologist Dr. Klaus Rachfahl, can look back on over 25 years of experience in the field of anesthesia.  You will be informed in advance and during the operation the function of your heart and circulation will be supervised by him in order to guarantee a complication- free intervention. 



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