Aesthetic – plastic periodontal surgery

At the beginning of each aesthetic - plastic periodontal surgery there is an aesthetic red/white analysis. According to this analysis we discuss together the treatment plan. Our aim is to restore and maintain your health!


The following measures might be necessary:

  • Recession coverage with the patient’s own tissue / coverage of exposed root surfaces
  • Restoration of biological width after caries or recessions in order to reconstruct the biologically important protecting ring around the tooth
  • Clinical shortening of the crown margin, clinical lengthening of the crown margin, papillae building
  • Free mucosa transplant  or connective tissue graft for the dissemination of non-relocatable gingiva and for coverage of exposed root surfaces
  • Roll flaps for the production of non-relocatable gingiva and thus the physiological and aesthetical insertion of implants
  • Gummy Smile Correction
  • Microsurgical procedures in order to improve periodontal hygiene
  • Bone regeneration in case of periodontitis



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